• Havenhurst Sanctuary
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    Animals In SL: Havenhurst Sanctuary

    Havenhurst Sanctuary I spent a bit of time at Havenhurst Sanctuary “Home to the beautiful animals in SL. Come enjoy the land and interact with these lovely creatures. Big cats, wolves, foxes, and more! Relaxation, Scenery, Waterfalls, Cuddles, Nature, Wildlife. Family, Wildlife, Breedables, WK Kajaera, Sales, Store.”   It was pleasant to look around the sanctuary, it has a nice tranquil atmosphere and was rather relaxing.  There’s mostly big cats and a few smaller animals that seem quite friendly. There are food stations so you can feed the critters.  As for the shop it just seemed to be a Gacha, it didn’t appear to be working though.  There are various…

  • Armenelos
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    Animals in SL:Armenelos

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs Armenelos This blog covers 2 categories, Animals in SL and Photogenic Sims. This is a huge sim with tons of photo opportunities with the varied wildlife and nature that is there. You could happily spend a few hours exploring and snapping pics. Be sure to wear some comfy walking shoes. It makes for a lovely day out and it is very relaxing. This is part of the Calas sims. See the image next to me as a guide of their sims. All nicely put together and a pleasure to visit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-SNpKAKm5Y Armenelos This…

  • Animals In SL

    Animals in SL:Oasis Zoo

    On arrival you land at a landing point, yes, I never expected that! There are ad boards, a couple of rides for the kiddies, a building where you can share your zoo pics, and a security hut. There’s a coffee shop as well. Turn left to take you to the zoo. Another well run zoo. It is lovely and clean and the animals are well cared for, a lovely family day out, and it is free! You can make use of free transport to get yourself and the kiddies around the zoo. There’s some beautiful animals and the panda nursery is so cute, kiddies young and old will enjoy this…

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    Animals in SL:Ariadne Zoo

    Here is a look at Ariadne Zoo.It is a fun family day out that children young and old will love.It is a well run zoo and the animals are well cared for and their enclosures are kept immacualate!So if you want to entertain the kids for a few hours then you won’t regret bringing them here. A great opportunity to get some nice pics for your album. Ariadne Zoo: This is a large sim with lots to see and do and good fun for all the family. Make sure you have an hour or two spare so you can take in all that this sim has to offer Make sure…