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    Jimmy T

    Jimmy.T AKA Jimmy Ray Todd   Jimmy is not just a talented musician in Second Life, he is a talented musician outside of second life as well. Jimmy comes from America and he has been performing in SL for 14 years. Jimmy is more than just a singer. He writes and produces music as well as playing the guitar and singing the blues! So yeah, you could say he is a talented guy! Have a listen to him on the right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh9-1QT0MpE LINKS Booking/events calendar His music on Rebernation Contact Jade to make a booking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frF96Z_X6tc

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    Music Made in SL: Fly Kugin

    “This week we are talking to Fly Kugin, who plays both her own mesmerizing violin compositions, as well as cover tunes, in Second Life.” Read the full article HERE Fly has a wonderful talent and a joy to listen to….it is like medicine for your ears :-) So if you haven’t had the pleasure yet then wait no longer and have a listen. Fly also featured on Music Mondays HERE

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    Music Mondays: An Interview With Downunder

    Entry posted by Tara Linden in Music Mondays · “This week’s featured artist is Downunder, who has been playing energetic rock music in SL for over six years. Come get amped up at one of his shows soon! His music can be found on SoundCloud“ Read the full article HERE His inworld events calendar HERE If you are impressed with Dowunders pic and would like a photo professionally done then contact Pam Astonia inworld as she does amazing work. This guy’s got an awesome voice, check him out down below.

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    Gabriel da Silva

    Meet Gabriel, he is from Portugal and plays hard rock. Gabriel is a musician by trade and started playing in SL when the Covid pandemic started as like every musician they were unable to play during restrictions. So once the world opens up properly again let’s support them and give them some trade back. In 2 years he has performed 630 shows which is pretty awesome! Music Monday Article His Website

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    Musicians Needed for Music Mondays

    Tara Linden has sent out an SOS looking for more musicians who want to be featured in her Music Mondays article. So if you are a musician and want to be featured then get in touch with Tara. This is a good way to get yourself noticed More details HERE

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    Music Mondays: An Interview With Mankind Tracer

    This week we are featuring Mankind Tracer, a.k.a. Seth Regan, who has been playing rock music in SL since 2006. He is a prolific performer inworld as well as IRL and has made several albums over the years. For more information, please check out his official website. Original article here with the Q and A’s section. Here is Mankind playing at the SL birthday party 2020

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    Music Mondays: An Interview With Al Hofmann

    This week’s featured musician is Al Hofmann, whose one-man band has treated us to a fusion of rock, jazz, and electronic elements for 14 years. With over 3,000 inworld shows under his belt, his style has no doubt evolved time and time again and each performance brings fresh interpretations. Please check out his official website and YouTube channel to experience his music for yourself! Original article here with the Q and A’s section. If you or somebody you know would like to submit content to be featured in Music Mondays, please fill out this form.

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    Music Mondays

    Every Monday Tara Linden does a blog post about Second Life music artists. It is very interesting and well worth a read, and gives you more of an insight into the people behind the music. Second life gives upcoming artists an audience to share their talent with. Over the past year due to the pandemic people have had to be satisfied with entertaining themselves at home so more have taken to virtual reality for such entertainment and the music scene in SL is good entertainment no matter your tastes in music. Whether you like to go dancing to your favourite tunes or like to listen to live artists then there’s…