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    Club Review: The Docks/Showcase

    The Docks/Showcase My insomniac night took me to The Docks/Showcase and I enjoyed a lovely couple of hours with DJ Scotty Gibson. It was his first gig there and he did great and he will be back next Monday.  The Showcase is a full some providing Entertainment, DJ and Hostess showcase at The Docks, shop and house rental, ad boards. There is some lovely residential accommodation to suit various tastes. such as a 2 bedroomed house or an apartment.  Plenty of shop space available for rent too. L$150/Week, 50prims L$350/Week, 150 prims       There are various advertising options: Interactive small and large boards and sim wide billboards with LED…

  • Flamingo Bay Dance Floor
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    Club Review:Flamingo Bay

    I have been frequenting Flamingo Bay for around a year now and it is one of my favourite clubs.  The staff are very friendly and always make you feel at home and welcome. It is more than a club and has other areas of interest as well  The club is Brit owned and their events are usually on an evening at 1pm-3pm slt, and there’s also an open air ballroomn and the events for that are usually on at 1 30pm-3pm SLT  playing Smooth Jazz and RnB. But there are other things that you can do at other times. A wide range of music is played to suit all tastes: 60’s,…

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    Club Review:Wet Willies

    Wet Willies has been around since 2012 and is a club I have gone to on and off over the years. They classify their club as a rock club but they play several genres of music, so it should suit most peoples tastes. I have noticed that whatever time of day you go there are always people there, and I have just looked at their traffic and it is a whopping 35490! I have never seen that much traffic before. They have live DJ’s and hosts. There’s a trivia machine, 2 sploders (20L and 100L pay ins) They are no lose sploders. There’s a bull to try out your rodeo…