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    History:Pooley Stage

    Pooley Stage is where residents and Linden staff used to hold meetings to discuss things. I can imagine it got quite lively back then. Now it is a help “island” Several boxes to click on for help topics : Learn about chatLearn to buildExploreTips and tricksEdit profileAsk a question It can also be hired to host an event or instruct a class. There’s also a buy lindens kiosk that I have not seen elsewhere.   https://youtu.be/mAZDUfbgd5c Pooley Stage Some of the earliest meetings between Second Life residents and the Linden Lab development teams were held at Pooley Stage. Visit in Second Life

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    History: Random Short Facts

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs Random Short Facts The Linden Prize $10,000 Studio Wikitecture and Virtual Ability were the first winners of the wopping $10,000 prize. This was the largest win in the virtual universe, ever! Read more HERE Teleport Of Old TeleHub PAYG Up until 2005 residents had to pay to teleport and they could only TP between regional TeleHubs. It wasn’t ideal, the areas surrounding these TeleHubs got full of “Ad Farms”, yes, ad not ant! And there was a lot of lag! With the number of times I TP on an average day I would…

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    History: Linden World

    LindenWorld   The Immaculate Conception Of LindenWorld. On the 23rd October 2001 LindenWorld was conceived. (The Alpha Phase)Not open to the public initially. It was basically a shooter game to start with and as you can see in the image at the side of me the avatar was just made up of prims. Every Av started with a gun, and you could get really nasty and throw grenades! You also had your own energy. But grenades also had another use, they were used for terraforming. (Terraforming with grenades sounds pretty cool, I would like to try that out!)And they could also destruct items which then used to bounce up into…

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    History:SL’s First Ever Blog

    First Blog of SL in 2004 So I stumbled on SL’s first ever blog going back to 2004, and it is like taking a look back in time. It did not have its own domain, it was using a WordPress domain. I didn’t know it existed when I first started in SL back in 2007. I have only ever known the main SL blog so I consider it a nice find.  The very 1st post was by Philip Linden entitled “aLife and sLife” on 4th October 2004. He talks about the evolution of the PC/programs/coding etc. And he talks about rich environments in order for growth and being able to…

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    History: Old Newbee Returned at last!

    A friend of mine who has been offline since 2007 returned today. (That’s why I never take any friends off my contact list just incase)He found I was the only friend online. I asked him to do a few pics of 1/As he was when he logged in. 2/A pic using the best gear in his inventory and then an updated pic of any new stuff. He went around a few freebie shops but didn’t really like any of the stuff he got. So he ended up getting the look he wanted using starter avs which is a mix of Jaxon and James avs. He is going to stick with…

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    History: Torley Linden

    Torley was born on 09/15/2004. He started as a resident and later he began working for Linden Lab and looks to have stopped working for them around 2017. He may not be known to newer residents, but to older residents he is a bit of a household name. He has done some wonderful tutorials to help us along our SL journey. He was very generous with his textures as well which he shared with us all. I don’t know anywhere now where you can get these textures so I have uploaded them to the marketplace HERE Find the Creative Commons license HERE I have made good use of his textures…

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    History:Materials Project Viewer, April 2013

    “The Snowstorm project is happy to announce that we have a Materials Project Viewer available for alpha testing of support for Normal and Specular maps on Second Life objects!” This was a great implementation which really enhanced the aesthetics of mesh creations. 3 type of texture can be applied to a mesh item: Diffuse Map: They are the main texture used to set the color of the model and add shapes or details such as texts and patterns etc. Normal Map: They are used to add small details that seem three-dimensional. They are used specifically to add details to mostly flat surfaces without the need to model such details. Specular…

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    History: First ever SL member

    This is where it all began when the 1st Second Life member registered. Stellar Sunshine is her name. who joined on March 13th 2002 It’s crazy when you think that was nearly 2 decades ago! “On March 13, the first Resident, Steller Sunshine, joined Second Life. The public beta started seven months later in October, and early avatars looked like this:” It started with 16 regions, the first region was called Da Boom and you can visit it HERE These first 16 regions got their names from real allies in San Francisco. “Second Life closed beta started in November 2002 and lasted until April 2003 when public beta started. Read…

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    History:The Introduction Of Mesh, June 2011

    This is an important part of SL history. This gave us so many more design options and another way for the residents of SL to use their creative abilities to create better Second Life content. From panties to cars,  from hair to buildings. In fact anything that can be built by a prim can be made by mesh.  We stopped being bothered about prims and became more concerned about land impact. Avatar appearance is so much more life like and more detailed due to mesh. Clothing is much more detailed and looks more realistic, and hair looks amazing! Our creativity is constantly evolving as SL evolves. Read the “mesh coming…