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    Online Article:The Verge

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs The Verge:Second Life’s Strange Second Life In 2013 The Verge web site run an article on Second Life entitled “Second Life’s Strange Second Life”   About The Verge in their own words: “The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2011 to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience.”   “Second Life has survived its first 10 years, but every society rises and — inevitably — falls. So what of Linden Lab’s creation? Will people still be living Second Lives in 2023?” The above is…

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    SL On TV and The News/Online Articles

    SL:In the Newspaper

    In the Daily Mail on 29th of March 2020 An article about a couple meeting in SL and falling in love resulting in the lady leaving her hubby and getting married to her SL love and started a family. READ HERE The article also features a SL video and it talks about Second Life as well. In The Guardian on the 13th November 2008 This talks about a SL love affair resulting in an RL divorce. READ HERE

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    SL-Life 2.0

    Life 2.0 Documentary Features a couple who found romance within SL and met up in real life. A lady whose av she says is her and she designs various products within SL. She wakes up at 11pm and works through the night on SL Life.2.0 (2010) This documentary follows various people and shows how SL affects people.  READ MORE In this 1hr 39 min documentary, you get an insight into some of the faces behind the avs. It is fascinating to find out what people have gained from being in this virtual universe. You can watch it on Netflix Features Philip Rosendale YOUTUBE Features a guy who role plays an…

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    SL On TV and The News/Online Articles


    CSI NEW YORK CSI – Down the rabbit hole Second life was featured in CSI New York in an episode called Down the rabbit hole nearly 14 years ago.  “A murder victim bears a striking resemblance to a well-known avatar in the online role-playing game “Second Life.” Mac is forced to enter the game himself to solve the mystery surrounding her death.” READ MORE YOUTUBE