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    Rant Time

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs Skin and Head Shopping! Sunday 12th Sepetember: Yes, it is that time again! That time when I nearly tear my hair out whilst skin and head shopping! Why? Because I am finding it impossible to find the same look that you get in the advertisement pics! I know a lot depends on graphic settings and windlight, so I have my graphic settings on high/ultra and use the same windlight settings when I can, but no! That’s not enough! I still look a million miles away from the advertised look! Some come close but…

  • Second Life The Showcase

    Insomnia Sucks!

    Ok, so it is one of those nights! So hitting the clubs it is! In The Showcase/The Docks at the moment shaking my groove thing at 3am when I should be snoring! A review to follow! I seriously have to take time out in SL and socialise here for a week or 2, but keep up the blogging and just go touring and exploring various sims of interest! Because all I do within SL is work! I need to make some new friends and broaden my SL horizons! I said this a month or so ago and I failed miserably, so let’s see if this goes to plan! So be…

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    Then and Now

    Then and Now I decided to take a step back in time to 2007 and compare then and now.  There’s obviously a huge difference. But back then I thought I looked pretty decent, I was so happy when I bought that hair on 18th May 2007 when I was 5 days old. I have no idea where my birthday hair is though. It is flexi hair and it looked good when you danced! I believe that was the only hair I wore that year, just changing the streak colour.  2007: Taunt Hair and Body Politik Skin/shape 2021: Truth Hair, Catwa Freya Head, .: fiore :. Lua Skin Cupids Black Outfit:…

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    Gacha Banned!

    Gacha Ban Imminent! This really doesn’t bother me but I know that quite a few won’t be happy.  After the end of August the ban will come into place.  So if you are a fan of them then take advantage now before they are banned.  If you have Gacha items that you have won then you can sell them anytime if you wish to do so.  Find the official announcement HERE

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    Romantically Involved in SL?

    Would you like to share your Second Life romance story on TV? And would you like to get a chance to meet up with your love interests? If so then you can have that chance. “Casting Call! Major TV Network Series Seeks Second Life Romance Stories” Find out more HERE

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    New SL Last Names

    There are some new last names that have been added. If you fancy a change of last name then have a look and see if there’s anything you fancy. Available until Mid October, and there will also be some Halloween themes names available from mid October. More info HERE

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    In Need Of Publicity?

    Are you in need of publicity for either yourself or your act? Or maybe want you to show off your sim? Bring attention to a charity? Or for whatever reason you fancy. If so then try and take advantage of SL’s new Get Featured initiative. Short fun videos are required, and they will get posted on either SL’s TikTok or Instagram accounts. So get filming and read more HERE There are other ways to get featured if you don’t make videos which is explained more if you follow the link above.

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    Virtual Passport

    You can now apply for a virtual SL passport. You then go exploring and get your passport stamped like in reality. A good way to expand our horizons, explore new sims, meet new people, all without getting jet lag! See the video below for further details: