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    Health and Welfare

    Covid 19 Support

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs Covid 19 This group purpose is to socialize people during COVID-19 pandemia GROUP LINK Covid-19 Survivor A group for those of us who survived the Corona Virus and 2020 GROUP LINK Pray for Sick with COVID-19 – Memorial to Victims of COVID-19 Pray for your loved ones who are ill with coronavirus. TAXI Coronavirus Support Group An opportunity to seek or give emotional support to those impacted by COVID-19, Coronavirus. GROUP LINK Stay Safe To share information and experiences about the CoViD-19 virus GROUP LINK The SORBET Project: a COVID-19 response Project is…

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    Health and Welfare

    Self Care Awareness Month

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs September: Self Care Awareness Month September is Self care awareness month. And there are plenty of useful sims within Second Life to help with this, below are 7 destinations that are in the destination guide. And I will look further within SL and add more as I know it doesn’t stop there. Read a little more about Self care awareness month HERE Center for Mindfulness Visit in Second Life Nirvana Island Visit in Second Life Citta Bhavana Ashram Visit in Second Life Hikari Visit in Second Life SL Project Hope Visit in Second…

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    Health and Welfare

    InWorld Multiple Sclerosis Support

    Home Inworld Free Shops Textures/Embellishments PhotoShop Styles Tutorials Design Links SL Related Links Role Play Sims Blogs MS AwarenessInformations center for Multiple Sclerosis.What is MS?Who gets it? Come get some informations about MS at our informations center and Gallery GROUP LINK MS Support GroupA Group to connect those within SL affected by and living with the various symptoms and stages of Multiple Sclerosis. This is also for those who care for and support those with MS. GROUP LINK MS Multiple Sclerosis) MusersSL presence for MS Musers, originally a writing/support group for those whose lives have been impacted. This rl group has evolved into a community. If you or someone close…

  • Health and Welfare

    Out Shop Cancer

    Out Shop Cancer 2021 Ordinary people doing extraordinary things Click above to be taken to the OCS web site The Out Shop Cancer(OCS) event, this event is run by the Strides Campaign in support of the American Cancer Society. The event runs from 1st October-31st October. The Strides Campaign “The American Cancer Society’s Strides Campaigns provide fundraising for research for better screenings & treatments, support programs in SL through Hope Haven, & RL support. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 460 men. Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women worldwide.” This year, the Second Life Strides Out Shop Cancer event will include…

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    Health and Welfare

    InWorld Cancer Support

    In World Cancer Support Below you will find info about various groups within SL that offer cancer support/raise money. I have concentrated on what appear to be active groups. If you have an active group that you would like including in my Health and Welfare section then drop me a message in world please American Cancer Society Information The official group for all American Cancer Society volunteers in Second Life. Join this group to receive important notices about Relay For LIfe, Strides, Hope Haven, Mega Events, and ACS activity from the ACS Leadership Team. Chat in this group can/should be related to general American Cancer Society topics. Abusive language and inappropriate behavior may result in removal…

  • Health and Welfare

    Relay For Life

    Relay for Life is a charitable endeavor that has been going on in SL since 2005. I am just going to cover the basics of it and will leave all links at the end for further reading that goes into everything in much more detail and gives you a thorough insight into it. It all started from one avatar in SL approaching The ACS (American Cancer Society)With the suggestion of holding a fundraiser in Second Life and so it began. $5,000 was raised from that one fundraising endeavour. Relay For Life is also in operation outside of SL. From that first fundraiser until today more than $4 mil has been…

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    Health and Welfare

    In-World mental health support

    Please find below info about various mental health supports groups/sims. Lots of people view SL as being a mere game, well I guess it is what you make it, but for me calling it a game doesn’t do it justice. It is so much more than a game. And we need to be more aware of all the help you can get in SL for numerous things. So I am gradually going to look at health and well being help that can be found within Second Life. I have tried to filter out inactive groups. GROUP: “Let’s Talk” Depression Awareness and Support “Let’s Talk”. Awareness & support for those of…

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    Health and Welfare

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month!

    You are not alone! “May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Everyone has mental health! This designation for May was begun in 1949 by Mental Health America. Their theme this year is “Tools 2 Thrive.” Mental Health America provides resources to improve personal mental health and increase resiliency.” The above text is a snippet from the Virtual Ability blog. I have blogged about Virtual Ability before and the good work that they do. At some point in our lives we have suffered form mental health problems and/or have know others who have suffered. Mental health illness still carries a bit of a stigma even in this day and age, so something like May…

  • Health and Welfare

    10th Annual Mental Health Symposium

    “Mental Health in Trying Times” Virtual Ability Presentsthe 10th Annual Mental Health Symposium“Mental Health in Trying Times”Friday, April 16, 2021Sojourner Auditorium,Virtual Ability IslandIn Second Life Due to the tremendous impact the Covid pandemic has had on the whole world for the past year the theme of this symposium is Covid orientated.  Several speakers will cover different topics.  Please see their web site below for more info. Virtual Ability, Inc.