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    Quick Tip 4

    For this tip I am looking at planar faces. This is most handy if you are texturing a few linked prims that are different sizes and are using the same texture. I find these works best on flooring. See the image to see how it looks in the texture panel. You just need to reduce the scales to get the desired look and then hit align planar faces.  Note how it changes the alignment. Don’t worry when you see so many repeats, you just need to reduce them. The repeats start at 2, sometimes you have to reduce them to as low as 0.1, it all depends on the texture.…

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    Quick Tip 3

    If you are shopping and you receive a demo which needs unpacking and you can’t rez items then add the package to yourself, yes you will look ridiculous for a moment but oh well. Take the package into edit mode and simply drag the item(s) You want to try on into your inventory. Also when unpacking as normal you don’t have to copy everything into inventory, you could just rez the package, go into edit mode and drag whatever items you want out of the package into your inventory. Obviously, if you want everything inside it then unpack as normal. But it can be useful for when you buy outfits…

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    Legendaire shop review

    Legendaire and PopArt Store. This shop sells a nice range of clothing to suit everyone’s taste. another big selling point is how reasonably priced everything is.  They specialise in a lot of complete outfits, so you are good to go straight out of the box. In the pic I am wearing a 2L 2 hours item which includes sandals, shorts and a bandanna style top. 3 shorts colours, 8 top colours and 1 sandal colour. It was 2L well spent! Their main stock is clothing and footwear and a small amount of men’s items. They also sell a small amount of home goods and prefabs. And they sell some lovely…

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    Quick Tip 2

    Have you got items of mesh that looks fine up close but they tend to break from a distance? Then try this. Go into debug settings, under RenderDynamicLOD, and change it from true to false and that should do the trick. This is a totally different setting from “RenderVolumeLODFactor:” Changing that to 4 does not help this issue.

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    Jimmy T

    Jimmy.T AKA Jimmy Ray Todd   Jimmy is not just a talented musician in Second Life, he is a talented musician outside of second life as well. Jimmy comes from America and he has been performing in SL for 14 years. Jimmy is more than just a singer. He writes and produces music as well as playing the guitar and singing the blues! So yeah, you could say he is a talented guy! Have a listen to him on the right https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh9-1QT0MpE LINKS Booking/events calendar His music on Rebernation Contact Jade to make a booking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frF96Z_X6tc

  • Flamingo Bay Dance Floor
    Club Reviews

    Club Review:Flamingo Bay

    I have been frequenting Flamingo Bay for around a year now and it is one of my favourite clubs.  The staff are very friendly and always make you feel at home and welcome. It is more than a club and has other areas of interest as well  The club is Brit owned and their events are usually on an evening at 1pm-3pm slt, and there’s also an open air ballroomn and the events for that are usually on at 1 30pm-3pm SLT  playing Smooth Jazz and RnB. But there are other things that you can do at other times. A wide range of music is played to suit all tastes: 60’s,…

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    Club Review:Wet Willies

    Wet Willies has been around since 2012 and is a club I have gone to on and off over the years. They classify their club as a rock club but they play several genres of music, so it should suit most peoples tastes. I have noticed that whatever time of day you go there are always people there, and I have just looked at their traffic and it is a whopping 35490! I have never seen that much traffic before. They have live DJ’s and hosts. There’s a trivia machine, 2 sploders (20L and 100L pay ins) They are no lose sploders. There’s a bull to try out your rodeo…

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    L’Homme Magazine

    Ok, here goes! Caz asked me if I could try and contribute some articles on a weekend, if I can I am to make the blogs male orientated, but I do have free rein to do other sorts of articles as well. I am looking at L’Homme Magazine today. What is L’Homme Magazine I hear you ask, well, straight out of the horse’s mouth: “L’HOMME MAGAZINE SL is The Authority in Second Life’s Mens Fashion. It aims to keep the men of Second Life inspired and informed on current trends in male fashion across the grid, and provide male models with an opportunity to showcase their styling abilities; hence benefiting…