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Quick Tip 5

Save Shape To XML

So I started having an issue yesterday about my shape being missing and getting the error that the shape could not be found in the database. Yet I was wearing the shape at the time. (I use Firestorm viewer)


I tried all the usual of deleting caches, even cleanly reinstalled the viewer. Tried other viewers as well but the issue remained.

Now the shape had not been deleted as it was still in my inventory. I really didn’t get to the bottom of why this happened. But I did recall I had saved my appearance to XML when I made the shape so I was able to import that in. (I tried to get my appearance the same with a new shape but couldn’t get it quite right)So saving your shape is the main point of this tip. 


When you are happy with your shape go into the developer menu, click on avatar, then click on character test and then click on Appearance to XML and save on your PC as a back up.

This will work on all viewers if you have the developer option active.


So if you need to use it again just make a new shape and click on import and you have it back again. Be sure to name the shape different to the original.

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