The Verge:Second Life's Strange Second Life

In 2013 The Verge web site run an article on Second Life entitled “Second Life’s Strange Second Life”


About The Verge in their own words: The Verge is an ambitious multimedia effort founded in 2011 to examine how technology will change life in the future for a massive mainstream audience.”


“Second Life has survived its first 10 years, but every society rises and — inevitably — falls. So what of Linden Lab’s creation? Will people still be living Second Lives in 2023?”

The above is a good question, but we are now in 2021 and SL is still growing strong so I have no doubt that it will still be growing stong in 2023.



The article talks to a lady in Middlesex about her role in Second Life. “It’s like every toy you ever had, all rolled into one” 

That is an interesting take on it which makes sense to me. 



They talk to other residents in the article and I won’t highlight any more and will now leave you to read it HERE


It is good to see what the take on SL was back in 2003. So much has changed since then, mostly good change but I miss camping and lots of high payout Sploders! New clubs would open and owners would pay in hundreds and sometimes thousands to attract new “customers” We used to sploder hop around the grid for high paying Sploders. I made quite a bit of money that I saved to open my own club. It was a great money making initiative for new residents as was camping.