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Second Life Pic of the Day 09.02.2021

No better way to race with friends than a mini-car! Today's fun Second Life pic of the day is by Saskia Rieko.

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Another lovely retro image here. I have never used a vehicle in SL but I can see the attraction of them and this image takes us back in time and has a taste of class about it.



Whether you want to drive a car, hop on your Harley, cycle, fly, Horseride or sail then you can do it all within Second Life.


You can choose from various racing tracks, airports and deisgnated sailing areas where you can sail. so whatever your chosen transport is you are catered for.



Use the destination guide and find useful links below for your options:


LC Racing Circuits

Coal Cracker Racing

Racers Island – Motorsports And Racing

719 Racing Shop

Syniss Motorsport – QT Racing

Zero Tolerence Motors and Racing HQ

sky blue downs horse racing

Neximus Racing Garage and Showroom – Rt 11 Texaco

ACTION Vehicles Buggies Golf Karts DIRTBIKE Street Racing Bikes

Paradise City Motor Speedway

Champion Horse Racing

R.I.R Raceway

Lanphears Community

[sau] x [Dollmart]

Antiquity Britannica

2RAW Cars & bikes driving or racing at 2RAW tracks & roads

Devil Dog Motorcycles

Wellington Road Hill Rez Zone


Equestrian Center, Fox Hollow, North Carolina

Last Redemption Route 69

Blake Sea – Half Hitch