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Rant Time

Skin and Head Shopping!

Sunday 12th Sepetember: Yes, it is that time again! That time when I nearly tear my hair out whilst skin and head shopping!

Why? Because I am finding it impossible to find the same look that you get in the advertisement pics!

I know a lot depends on graphic settings and windlight, so I have my graphic settings on high/ultra and use the same windlight settings when I can, but no! That’s not enough! I still look a million miles away from the advertised look!

Some come close but then there’s a small aspect of the skin I don’t like. I even picked up demo heads, so using the same head as in the pic, the same skin and the same windlight and I still look nothing like the pic, now I nean NOTHING alike! Some do come very close but then there’s a certain aspect of the face that I don’t like such as an over emphasised shadow under the lips, or an overly glossy area on the nose or the body appliers not being suitable to my tastes. Right now it is feeling like an impossible task.

Should it be so hard?

I have a Laq head, Genus head, Lelutka  Evox head, Catwa head and a Catwa HDPro head. Out of all of those heads I should be able to manage it, surely?

I am not sure where it has all gone wrong! I have spent most of my SL time over the past five days looking for that elusive look and nothing!

I have just picked up one skin, not for my everyday look but I will just use that new skin when modelling. It was only 99L so I didn’t mind paying that out for an extra look. It is my personal look that’s causing the issues!

I will battle on and see what I can come up with and update this if I have the will! 

Monday 13th September: Well, I have the face but it is not on the right head! *****!**! It will do if I can’t get a similar face on a different head, so let’s see how this goes!

Things were a lot more simple when it was just a skin and a shape! Now you have to find the right head, the right body, the right head skin, the right appliers and sculpt your shape. Huds have to be taken into account as well. The look I like is on a The Genus Strong head with a Wow skin, but I am not fond of the HUD! Not enough options and the anims keep glitching, I would prefer the same look on my Lelukta head or one of my Catwa heads! Yes we look so much better using mesh but it can be hard work sometimes.

Thuesday 16th September: At last, I got there! I ended up getting my new head and body skin from one of the first places I went to and that’s Glam Affair. But I did change what I was looking for so got what I needed on my 2nd visit.  My head skin is from Glam Affair and my body skin is from Velour. I won’t write up about them now but I will do a more detailed separate blog post on them.

The End Result

Pics taken at Deer River