Consol Pepper is enjoying a tranquil autumn in today's Second Life pic of the day.

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What season fo you like the best? 

For me I love the Spring when everything is coming to life, it is nice to see things like a touch of yellow from the daffodils. 

Here in The U.K, only 3 animals hibernate, hedgehogs, door mice and bats and it is lovely to see them venture out as the weather changes, mostly viewd at night though.

The sound of the dawn chorus is a lovely sound as we move into spring.

The cuckoo can also be heard in early spring, these birds fly from Africa and become squators when they take over other birds nests the little tinkers.

Frogswpan is another tell tale sign that Spring is here.

‘One swallow doesn’t not a summer make.’, but it does mean Spring is here!

During match and April the first sign of the bees is made by the queen bees. They hibernate alone and need to come out to replenish their energy supplies. Early butterflies are seen now as well. 

The Bluebells are another lovely sight to see.

The wildife start to come to life and prepares us for a nice hot summer, well that’s the plan anyway, but it doesn’t always work out like that here though. We had a pretty crappy Summer all in all here this year.

Whatever season you like then sims dedicated to that season can be found within SL. Some are dediated to the season all year round and some sims change seasons, giving us some lovely scenic views, tranquil moments and pic oppoprtunities!