Second Life Pic of the Day 09.17.2021

TGIF! Len Orath is having a game night with the boys in today's Second Life pic of the day..

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The lads being lads and having anything but a quiet night in playing computer games.

If you input gaming into a SL search then it turns up with gaming regions where you can play No Devil, Eureka and many other different types of games. 

I remember Zynga back in the day, cruising along nicely until the devil comes along and steals some of your score! It has all changed since then though. Games are supposed to be a skill game and not a gamble though but that’s debateable!


You can also play fun only games as well, such as backgammon, greedy, solitaire and shrooms and quite a few more. No money involved at all. 


In the early days anyone could play for money games, now it is dictated by the country you live in. If your country of residence doesn’t allow gambling then you can’t enter and, which is strange really seeing as these games are supposed to be skill games and not gambling so read what you want to into that!  You also have to be at least 19 as well.

You can’t obviously play actual PC/console games within SL, but you can buy game consoles/pc’s/laptops as props as depicted in this pic of the day.


SL’s skill gaming rules HERE