Second Life Pic of the Day 09.29.2021

National coffee day
Second Life Pic of the Day 09.29.2021
National coffee day

Happy National Coffee Day! Himehime Andel has brought coffee for all on this windy autumn day, in today’s Second Life pic of the day.

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There seems to be a national day for almost anything these days. And why not! It is a bit of fun and it can make us appreciate things we normally take for granted. 

I don’t think coffee is one of those things we take for granted though, so many depend on it to help them through the day/night. I am more of a tea person myself, but I enjoy a nice Flat white or Cafe au Lait once a day. I have never found coffee keeps me awake, but that’s just me. 

National Coffee Day

And of course, as in the pic there’s coffee shops to be found within SL.

I paid a quick visit to one today.

Belie’s Coffee Shop

“Welcome to Belle’s. Coffee Shop, with live music, DJs & theme parties. Intan dancing, games cellar, restaurant, reading lounge, beach and sea views, newbie friendly. No nudity for humanoids, please.”

This is a nice cosy little spot that is more than a coffee shop and provides entertainment as well at 4PM SLT