Maitreya Izzy Outfit 
Maitreya Kit Dress
Maitreya Ellie Dress(Fat Pack)-
Whats the best Second Life Viewer?
Second Life Object Creation Demo – Philip Rosedale
The Christmas Winter Full Perm Fair
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.24.2021
Second Life’s Lab Gab – Second Life Founder, Philip Rosedale!
Second Life Destinations – After the Fall
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.23.2021
Second Life | Premier Wrestling
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.22.2021

18B Special with the Linden Lab Leadership Team

Strawberry Linden was speaking with Linden Lab’s Executive Chairman Oberwolf Linden, VP of Product Grumpity Linden, VP of Product Operations Patch Linden, and VP of Marketing Brett Linden.”

What is Lab Gab?

Lab Gab is a Second Life talk show which covers anything Second LIfe. It started in 2019 and there are 53 episodes in all covering a wide range of topics

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1st ever Lab Gab