Maitreya Izzy Outfit 
Maitreya Kit Dress
Maitreya Ellie Dress(Fat Pack)-
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Second Life Object Creation Demo – Philip Rosedale
The Christmas Winter Full Perm Fair
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.24.2021
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Second Life Destinations – After the Fall
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.23.2021
Second Life | Premier Wrestling
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.22.2021

Chippendales Tribute Show of SL

“Chippendales Tribute Show of SL – an Outside the Box Production” THE LONGEST RUNNING, most INTERACTIVE MALE REVUE IN SL! Pushing the grid to the extreme with interactive stage sets, themed music and Professional Choreography! Appearing at clubs and private parties! “Visit our InWorld Office for details” Inworld office For Bookings Contact: BetinaValentin Biler Facebook: FaceBook Filmed/Edited by Pia Klaar Music: Jetfire – Jeff II YouTube Creative Commons Attribution