The North Pole:Photogenic Sim

Today I visited The North Pole, and it was a lovely photo opportunity for all fans of snow as I am

About Land:

Real winter experience! Explore, take photos in our romantic wonderland.Ride a horse, dance or do some ice skating with your love
Photography, Romance, Snow, Cuddle, Rentals, Games, Santa

There are lots of photo opportunities in this sim, I spent about an hour here exploring all over. Frosty is a cool dude, we had a chat and he wants to meet up again!

You will have to excuse Santas head levitating at the sight of him! I waited forever for it to get in place but it just wouldn’t so I had to take that picture! You can click on Santa and dance which is what I was doing there.

There are areas where you can get refreshments and take the weight off your feet for a bit. 

All in all it is a nice set up Christmas sim and well worth an hour or so of your time.