Club Review:The Escape Club

Welcome to The Escape Club

Today I visited The Escape Club.

A small friendly club with a friendly crowd.

It wasn’t packed which is always good for me as then things rez and I don’t have to change to friends only!

I have no idea why Santa and his reindeers were flying around the ceiling, he was just going round in circles I hope gets his act together in time for Christmas!

It was playing a nice mix of music making dancing fun.

There was a sheep, a cat and a rabbit on the dance floor as well, only in SL LOL.

They have quiz balls and a word Sploder which I really aren’t sure about what it involves. 

There is also an upstairs with plenty of area to chill out or play games.

To sum up:

A small friendly club playing good music and a small but friendly crowd. Maybe a bit quieter than some will like but if you don’t want lag and don’t enjoy  bumping into people on the dance floor then you will enjoy it.

The decor is nice with a bit of a retro feel which fits in with the 80’s music they play.

An idea above of their DJ times.

About Land:

The Escape Club, All 80’s all the time. The ONLY all 80s club on an Adult Sim,