Merry Christmas Everyone

I really don’t know much time I will have between now and Christmas so I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. 

You will see me still logged into SL as I very rarely log out and I just leave myself hanging around my sim somewhere.

Life has been hard since the pandemic started for us all and we all deserve to let our hair down and enjoy a lovely Christmas. 

I know that some countries are going into some sort of lockdown and increasing Covid restrictions, so wherever you are I hope you can make the most of things and still have a good time but stay safe too!

I have a feeling that here in England we are going to be stung by a  lockdown of some sort after Christmas, so we will see. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of this destructive virus!

So wherever you are enjoy your Christmas and stay safe!

~Carolyn Zapedzki