About me and my blog..

About me:

Hi, I am Carolyn Zapedzki, I am a Second Life content creator, comedian, gambler, animal lover and sarcastic smart arse and I have been in SL since 2007. You can find me on the marketplace and I have a little In-world freebie shack by the sea. I am a sole trader so no one collaborates with me, so I am responsible for any cock-ups!


Site Contents

Product news, Freebies Info, SL Music, Pic of the day, product reviews, shop reviews, tutorials, downloads, SL Interest sites, In-World places of interest and anything SL related.


What I Sell

Mesh clothing and footwear – For classic avs, fitted mesh for mesh bodies, but now specialising in Maitreya and Belleza. Mostly for ladies and a small line of menswear mostly for Aesthetic. Lots of free system clothing.

Cosmetics, body mods, tattoos, spots, acne, scars, bruises and freckles. Catwa eyes.

Modern art, animated art, vamp art, posters.

Various textures, free textures

Urban goods

And a partridge in a pear tree!



Since writing this I have moved to a larger location and everything inworld is how free. There’s a huge selection of freebies. And a social area, and and 1L a week ad boards for shops and escorts.