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History: First ever SL member

This is where it all began when the 1st Second Life member registered.

Stellar Sunshine is her name. who joined on March 13th 2002

It’s crazy when you think that was nearly 2 decades ago!

“On March 13, the first Resident, Steller Sunshine, joined Second Life. The public beta started seven months later in October, and early avatars looked like this:”

File:Sl history website 2002.jpg

It started with 16 regions, the first region was called Da Boom and you can visit it HERE

These first 16 regions got their names from real allies in San Francisco.

“Second Life closed beta started in November 2002 and lasted until April 2003 when public beta started. Read more about History of SL Beta

This is all fascinating to read. These are the people that formed the foundations of SL which is still standing strong and have had no strong rivals over the years. Second L:ife is really “The Daddy” of the virtual universe so many of us enjoy.

A full list of the first regions:


 NatomaRitchShipleyStanfordStillmanTaberVarneyWelsh, and Zoe.