Carthage Memorial

Land description:

“For those we loved and still love…… but who are not here anymore to share that love with……… in real life and second life…

If you have questions about this place sent a IM or Note to Cross Voight

CCS Bloodlines”

You can feel the love here, RL and SL pics are shown along with loving words, a very serene and peaceful place.


Fair Chang Memorial Park

Land description

“Dedicated to the memory of Garth FairChang, SL innovater and also first Euro Linden.
June 2003 to September 2009″

A lovely little memorial parcel, again, very serene and full of love.

We start off in SL and it is some sort of pastime, but we soon make new friends and new connections and bonds are formed. We feel pain when we lose our SL loved ones and they will be forever in our memory!


Beery Memorial Garden

Our memorial garden serves the SL community by providing free end-of-life support, including a resting place/memorial for the loved ones we lost (SL, RL, humans and non-humans alike).
Come and visit us for more information.

Cemetery, Graveyard, Grief


Again, you can feel the love here in this nicely put together memorial Garden.

“Death may take a person but our relationship remains forever”