Maitreya Finesse Outfit

Maitreya Finesse Outfit

1 cardigan, retintable via the colour picker

1 dress, 4 coloured patterns and 2 greyscale patterns for retinting and 1 plain pattern for retinting.

The presets have set coordinating colours which you can change via the colour picker. The top and the bottom half of the dress can be different colours.

1 tied top and mini rara skirt, 8 colours each, 1 of the top colours is white so you can retint that.

1 pair of white retintable system/bom panties.

1 pair of heels for retinting via colour picker

I have thrown in a free manicure as well.(Not in the demo)

You get a lot for your lindens with many styling options.

Always try a demo before purchase, please.

Try a demo HERE