June is pride month

Second Pride

“Proceeds from the 2021 Festival will go to:

It Gets Better Project
LGBTQ Freedom Fund

Celebrate Diversity!

Visit their web site for more details HERE

As we step into June we also step into pride month, so keep your eyes open and see what events are going on.

SHOPPING: #1 LGBT Gay PrideMonth Shopping Store


EVENT: Ku’lani Bisexual Nude Beach Presents Gabriel da Salva @ Celebrating Pride Month

Gabriel will be with us to celebrate Pride Month . Songwriter, Vocal Coach, Virtuoso Guitarist, Pianist, Drummer, Bassist. Diplomas & International Tours with World-Award Winning Engineers & Bands namely Anvil, Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, Extreme, Nightwish.

06/30/21 at 06:00 PM


SHOPPING & EVENTS: Second Pride West

Second Pride, the biggest celebration of Pride in Second Life is coming up June 4th through the 13th, 2021. This is the place to be! Live DJ’s all day, concerts, performances, shopping, amusement rides and games. Scenery from city to beach. Come join us!


CLUBS: Pride Colors Landing / Club Pride ADULT AVATARS ONLY

Dancing or just getting together with friends. Gay, Str8, Bi. Neko and Fury. All Welcome. Events Mon. 7-9 PM, Tues. 7-9 PM, Wed. 7-9 PM, Fri.5-11 PM. Sat.7-11 PM, Sun 8-10 PM. all times SLT. Live DJ’s -Contests Fri,Sat&Sun.



PureVibe presents our first Pride event! Come on down for 8! Count them! 8 hours of live DJ’s! We start the morning off at 9am SLT with our special guest DJ Oscar, at 11am SLT we have the sexy DJ Vinnie(Amethyst), then at 1pm SLT DJ Techy takes over, and finally we close the day at 3pm SLT with DJ Russ for a final two hours. All sets are sponsored by Regimade and XPOSEure. Big prizes will be given out throughout the day! These contests will be off the hook! So get out your rainbow gear and come celebrate your PRIDE in a cyber-wonderland! We can’t wait to see you there!

06/12/21 at 09:00 AM


EVENT: Chicago South Celebrating Gay Pride

Chicago South Celebrating Gay Pride Presents: June 19th 2021 3 Wonderful Liver Singers AleyKat 2Pm SLT Velvet Rose 3Pm SLT Ve Joyy at 4Pm SLT Where: On The Waterfront Hope you will join us to celebrate this wonderful event,with some beautiful voices

 06/19/21 at 02:00 PM


EVENT:Crowning of the Ku’Lani Gods

Strut your stuff and let the world see you for the sexy siren of the sea or hulking God who makes the waves crash! We are hosting our first ever Crowning of The Gods, and in celebration of Pride month, these divine winners will ride the Ku’Lani float at the Serasim Pride Parade!

06/05/21 at 06:30 PM