History: Torley Linden

Torley was born on 09/15/2004.

He started as a resident and later he began working for Linden Lab and looks to have stopped working for them around 2017. He may not be known to newer residents, but to older residents he is a bit of a household name. He has done some wonderful tutorials to help us along our SL journey. He was very generous with his textures as well which he shared with us all. I don’t know anywhere now where you can get these textures so I have uploaded them to the marketplace HERE

Find the Creative Commons license HERE

I have made good use of his textures over the years and his tutorials have been a great help.

He was always selfless with his help and would go out of his way to assists you. SL lost a gem when Torley left.

You just need to group search his name inworld and the top 5 groups are a tribute to him.

All useful links below:

His talents are not just limited to SL, he is a whizz with music too, find his stuff HERE

Below is an old tutorial going back to 2009, you can of course do this in all viewers