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History: Old Newbee Returned at last!

A friend of mine who has been offline since 2007 returned today. (That’s why I never take any friends off my contact list just incase)He found I was the only friend online.

I asked him to do a few pics of 1/As he was when he logged in. 2/A pic using the best gear in his inventory and then an updated pic of any new stuff.

He went around a few freebie shops but didn’t really like any of the stuff he got. So he ended up getting the look he wanted using starter avs which is a mix of Jaxon and James avs.

He is going to stick with this look for now and if he decides to stay around he will upgrade to mesh.

He really can’t believe how bad he looked back then, his Mr Universe muscles are not what he is wanting these days!

He loves the new mesh avs and clothing, and is going to go clubbing with me later.

He is impressed by how much SL has changed since back then though he is rather disappointed that there’s no camping! Back in the day we would camp all day then on an evening go Sploder hopping/gambling, then when it was bed time leave ourselves camping somewhere. He tended to gamble all his lindens, and I saved mine to open a club with the occasional gamble.

It is great having him back as he is a good laugh, and it has been wonderful to catch up on how much has changed in our life since then. For him 2 kids, and for me 8 grandchildren! Plus he is in the same time zone as me (GMT) so our online time is compatible.