Well, coming back after being away for so long has been a strange experience!

The return of the Haydn!

I was in total shock when I looked at my av! I do not remember looking so bad! God knows what I was actually doing when I last logged in, I looked like a freak!

The Neck on that!

I am not blaming Second Life for looking so bad as I remember other avs looking much better (And I used to look much better as well), it was my fault entirely!

I even had a girlfriend back then, I remember you Dee! You had your RL pic on your av and you are pretty and I remember that you are a nurse. All you probably remember is my neck and took pity on me. I did try to find you but I think your av has gone! If you are reading this (under a new av) and you recall a big necked freak called Haydn then get in touch, I look much better now, and I won’t be begging for lindens either!(Only because things have changed and I cannot get into gaming areas! If I decide to put my payment details into SL then that should solve that.)No, seriously. I know I begged for lindens, but I was young and immature, what can I say! I am now an adult(Well sometimes) and will not beg! You made me feel good Dee, and I ain’t forgotten you even if I am long gone from your mind!

I joined SL on 06/08/2007 and “left” towards the end of 2007, I did not leave by choice, my PC broke! I did get a new PC a few years later but Second Life did not cross my mind if I am honest. It was just recently that I thought of Second Life again so I thought I would see if I was still registered on there as I wasn’t sure if inactive avs were deleted. To my surprise, I could log in again. It took me a while to remember my password but it came to me in the end!

I am suffering from long Covid, I am able to do a lot of my work from home which has been a godsend, but I have trouble doing manual work as I get tired so easily. I have two kids now, so I do things with them that I can do sat on my arse! So lots of reading and helping with homework. This also means I have more time on my hands so here I am!


The return of the big necked freak!

I might not be as cool as The Mack, but, it is the closest I could find in respect of someone returning!

This video reminds me of the bling I used to have! Must go air it and see if it fits around my fat neck!

Update! I have found Dee, Caz reminded me to look in my calling cards folder and there she was! After checking her groups out I see she was last online January this year, so sort of active! Just deleted as a friend! Used and discarded like a can of coke! Well, I left her a message just to say hi, so I will see if she ever gets back to me. I will tell you what is weird shit though, my partner is called Dee! And I have been with her for 9 years now so we are sort of a big thing! You really couldn’t make that shit up!

As promised, a look at my bling!

Well don’t I look sexy blinging it out there!

The 1st pic being the male rocker starter av wearing a bit of bling which totally lit my face up.

The 2nd av wearing freebies!

The 3rd av a mix of different 2021 starter avs.

So going back to the good old days. I met Caz after just being in SL a few days when I was doing a spot of camping to earn a few lindens. We hit it off and we used to do a lot together, mostly freebie hunting, camping, sploder hunting and for me gambling! I remember wasting lindens on the Zyngo game and nearly crying when the devil came along and ate some of the score. That particular game is no longer in Second Life apparently but there is the no Devil game that is very similar. After researching I see that Linden lab banned gambling and only skill games are allowed. More info about the skill games policies HERE




It is a shame camping is no longer allowed, that used to be a good little earner. And the same with the Sploders, I earned a fortune off them. I remember one new club that was gothic themed, and they used to start the Sploder off with thousands of lindens added to it. It used to get packed and you used to win a fortune, though crashing was commonplace and then it was a mad dash to log back in again. I recall having a Sploder HUD which teleported you to various Sploders. There are still one or two about, not too sure why some are allowed though. But I understand that they cannot be used to increase traffic which was their main aim originally. But I don’t see the harm in clubs using them to get people to their club, and some of those people will enjoy the club and keep coming back. It can be costly to run a club so gaining more visitors who are likely to give tips is an understandable club aim. That’s the way I look at it anyway.


An old video dating back to 2015 about sploders

Those were the days my friend!

A 2008 video about camping.

I seem to remember a couple of places there.


Of course back in 2007 it was all system clothing and prim clothing attachments, so now wearing mesh looks amazing in comparison. The clothes have a very real look to them so combined with mesh bodies and heads our avs can look so much more life like compared to how we used to look. Even the starter avs are great, so it is not quite so important to start earning lindens and buying new clothes straight away. Hair is brilliant now, the old prim hair wasn’t that great, but it was flexi so did move a bit. But I know animesh has provided some hair with a bit of a movement which I am yet to check out.

Mesh Avs

Mesh avs look amazing compared to the old days. The skins used to look so “flat” and unrealistic and on mesh they look great. I am fairly happy with my system head, but not so happy with my traditional system body, especially the hands and feet, they don’t look good at all, but they will do me for now. My new slim-line neck looks pretty sexy too!

General Stuff

I couldn’t believe how quick I could log back in when the region went offline for updates compared to 2007 when Second Life used to be offline for most of the day! Then you used to dread logging back in as often there were glitches that were a pain!

I am impressed with how smooth sim crossings are as well. I barely noticed I had crossed into a new sim, and you couldn’t help but notice back in the day, it was quite traumatic!

The buildings in Second Life looks so realistic now, apart from some places which look like they were made a decade or so ago, but it is still nice to see them as a reminder of how things were.

I had to get used to a totally new style of viewer which I found pretty easy to get the hang of again. I like the choice of environments now, the lighting of old wasn’t that brilliant. I remember using sunset a lot as it seemed to make your av look better, midday casted some nasty shadows and ya didn’t look good at all! The viewer seems to have so many more options that make your Second Life experience so much better. I don’t recall the 2007 viewer having as many options from what I can recall.


It really is strange though, I hadn’t thought about Second Life for years but it just popped into mind out of the blue. But now that I am back I can remember specific days with clarity as if they happened yesterday!

Coming back and seeing the changes and learning about different aspects of Second Life such as Relay For Life, charities and health initiatives for example has been an eye opener. This virtual universe has been put to such good use so I can’t really praise it enough.

I was an immature 18 year old when I joined Second Life, now a mature (most of the time)32 year old, my own business, 2 kids and a wonderful partner, I am seeing this virtual universe through different eyes now. I think I will stick around and find my niche here whatever that may be, we will see.


I keep remembering things! The sex rooms! I remember stumbling on a sex room. Lots of different sex machines packed with avs having sex in public! Not sure if there were adult regions back then as today, so it was probably just some random sim set up for sex. It was very strange and quite laughable really! I gather there’s more decorum these days as to where to have sex. Better equipment, better settings, better genitalia! So a much better quality of sex these days! Enough said!

I have just gone through my landmarks to see if any of them were still active, and I only found one which is a Freebie store called Lusch Haven & Freebies – TP