Animals in SL:Ariadne Zoo

Here is a look at Ariadne Zoo.
It is a fun family day out that children young and old will love.
It is a well run zoo and the animals are well cared for and their enclosures are kept immacualate!
So if you want to entertain the kids for a few hours then you won’t regret bringing them here.

A great opportunity to get some nice pics for your album.

Ariadne Zoo:

This is a large sim with lots to see and do and good fun for all the family.

Make sure you have an hour or two spare so you can take in all that this sim has to offer

Make sure to bring lots of film as you will be snap happy here!

The animals are very much posers and they will gladly pose for a pic!

The animals are very chatty and appreciate a natter so make sure to chat with them as they are sick of talking to each other!!

Please remind your children not to feed the animals!

They will beg for food but please do not feed them as they have a strict diet!

I am not sure what the bird on the left is, but he is a handsome chap, and some sort of bird of prey. He refused to spread his wings for me though! I think he is on strike!

As well as seeing the animals the kiddies can play in the play area while mum and dad look on and rest their feet for 5 mins. Do not leave children unattended though!

There’s a nice beach area for kids and their parents to enjoy. Lots to do so the little ones and the big ones will never get bored!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

This guy wasn’t very friendly, just stared without flinching! I would not like to face him in a staring contest!

What do you call a big ape that likes to barbecue?
A grilla’

I love donkeys and this little guy is adorable!
He did try to chat me up though and made a bit of an ass out of himself. His Mum said eyore to know better!

Another who loves attention and likes to converse with the visitors.
He is a cool guy, and I will definitely go back to see him. We are polar opposites really but we had a good chat.

Penguins are gorgeous and look really smart in their black and white attire.
They don’t say much, but I guess if you look that good you don’t have to!
These penguins remind me of you Knup, miss you x

I love all cats, and this fella is a stunner!
He liked to move around a lot though and it took me ages to snap his pic but I got there in the end!

I have to admit that I am not that fond of spiders, but this one didn’t seem too bad.
He’s actually a nice guy and wants to be a web designer when he grows up.

There’s a nice little fun fair here as well that the nippers will love!
Mums and Dads might like it as well!



I love this, I may have to go back and see who makes it.