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L’Homme Magazine

Ok, here goes! Caz asked me if I could try and contribute some articles on a weekend, if I can I am to make the blogs male orientated, but I do have free rein to do other sorts of articles as well.

I am looking at L’Homme Magazine today.

What is L’Homme Magazine I hear you ask, well, straight out of the horse’s mouth:

“L’HOMME MAGAZINE SL is The Authority in Second Life’s Mens Fashion. It aims to keep the men of Second Life inspired and informed on current trends in male fashion across the grid, and provide male models with an opportunity to showcase their styling abilities; hence benefiting the designers, models, and photographers as well as readers. Please sign in to see more issues of the magazine.”

So my interpretation of this is: A lot of people get together who are concerned with men’s fashions and use this as a showcase for their services/products.

It is a good digital magazine that can introduce the consumer to their products and services.

At first looking at the magazines it started to feel like some of the creators were creating unrealistic garments for men, but then I did come across clothing that is more realistic, but please male models, smile! A smile goes a long way.

The magazine has been in production since 2014 (Well I have said that as 2014 is the 1st magazine on their page but this is said below the magazine “Welcome to our rebirth issue with new management, new logo and new design.” But 2014 is as I said the first magazine, and I don’t know if there are others before that on a different website) And it is interesting to look back over the years and see the change in SL fashion. It isn’t hard to see how the art of photography has changed and has been perfected over the years. But there’s just something that puts me off it a bit. A lot of the images in the magazine are heavily photoshopped and for me personally, I would rather see “raw” Photos of peoples work rather than a heavily photoshopped image. But that is for my personal tastes, the graphics are very good and you can see a lot of work has been put into them. I guess it is all a bit ambiguous! So it’s not a criticism but an observation.

You can click on the images in the magazine to be taken to the store that sells the product.

Photographers get a mention and a selection of their work is there and you can be taken to them as well if you click on their image/page/logo.

There are 330 pages in their most recent May edition, so there is a lot of content, albeit a lot of pics which you soon flick through.

You are kept up to date with any events that are ahead as well such as The Neo Japan 5L event on the 25th September 2021. And you get details about some of the hottest free gifts available. (Free gifts mean the world to me!)

May 2021 page guide.

I am not sure what else needs to be said now apart from

A bear walks into a bar and says, “Give me a whiskey and … cola.”

“Why the big pause?” asks the bartender. The bear shrugged. “I’m not sure; I was born with them.”




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