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Club Review:Wet Willies

Wet Willies has been around since 2012 and is a club I have gone to on and off over the years.

They classify their club as a rock club but they play several genres of music, so it should suit most peoples tastes.

I have noticed that whatever time of day you go there are always people there, and I have just looked at their traffic and it is a whopping 35490! I have never seen that much traffic before.

They have live DJ’s and hosts.

There’s a trivia machine, 2 sploders (20L and 100L pay ins) They are no lose sploders. There’s a bull to try out your rodeo skills. There are ad boards for rent, but they are 300L a week, but I guess that’s what you pay in a high traffic sim.

There are small market stores around the club for rent priced at 500L a week for 100 prims and 10% off if paying monthly. I can only presume the market stalls are dearer as they are so close to the club., and there are shops as well for rent. the shop rental is 400L a week for 100 prims and 10% off if you pay monthly. And there’s a mall, 200L a week for 100 prims, I presume this is cheaper as it is further away from the club, and again 10% off when paying monthly.

They have a weekly rooftop concert.

Apart from their main club there’s a smaller beachside club in a lovely beach setting.

Both clubs have a voting station and you get a 1L reward if you vote. So pay a visit if you are in need of a linden dollar or 2!

There’s also a chapel – SD Carimi memorial chapel, which is a lovely little chapel with memorials for those we have loved and lost in SL.

It is an urban grunge themed sim apart from the beach area of course.