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Club Review:Flamingo Bay

I have been frequenting Flamingo Bay for around a year now and it is one of my favourite clubs. 

The staff are very friendly and always make you feel at home and welcome.

It is more than a club and has other areas of interest as well 

The club is Brit owned and their events are usually on an evening at 1pm-3pm slt, and there’s also an open air ballroomn and the events for that are usually on at 1 30pm-3pm SLT  playing Smooth Jazz and RnB.

But there are other things that you can do at other times.

A wide range of music is played to suit all tastes: 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s, Funk, Soul, Northern Soul, Motown, Disco, RnB. 

You can request your favourite tunes and boogie the night away!

There is a no lose sploder begging for your lindens. 

Beach Hut Rentals, Free Photo Studio, trivia and games – Zilch and Unknown.

There’s a small and clean beach for a spot of sunbathing, keep your clothes on peeps, it’s not a nude beach!

It is a very tranquil setting, you can hear the sounds of the sea and the seagulls squawking. 

Free photo studio

I paid a visit to Flamingo Bay this evening for their space themed evening.

FB doen’t get packed out and just attracts a nice modest and friendly crowd.

So it is nice if you prefer a less packed club with less lag than packed venues.