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Quick Tip 3

If you are shopping and you receive a demo which needs unpacking and you can’t rez items then add the package to yourself, yes you will look ridiculous for a moment but oh well. Take the package into edit mode and simply drag the item(s) You want to try on into your inventory.

Also when unpacking as normal you don’t have to copy everything into inventory, you could just rez the package, go into edit mode and drag whatever items you want out of the package into your inventory. Obviously, if you want everything inside it then unpack as normal. But it can be useful for when you buy outfits that have lots of different body items. Then you can either delete the rest or if you like to save things incase you change body then just keep the packed items along with the item you need. Not unpacking everything will cut down your inventory size.

More items are packed into HUDS these days, but you will find some stores pack in the traditional way.


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