InWorld Cancer Support

Below you will find info about various groups within SL that offer cancer support/raise money.

I have concentrated on what appear to be active groups.

If you have an active group that you would like including in my Health and Welfare section then drop me a message in world please

American Cancer Society Information

The official group for all American Cancer Society volunteers in Second Life. Join this group to receive important notices about Relay For LIfe, Strides, Hope Haven, Mega Events, and ACS activity from the ACS Leadership Team. Chat in this group can/should be related to general American Cancer Society topics. Abusive language and inappropriate behavior may result in removal from this group.

ACS CAN (Cancer Action Network)
ACS CAN is the nation’s leading cancer advocacy organization that is working every day to make cancer issues a national priority and global priority.
. ACS CAN empowers regular people to be part of the growing national movement that is fighting back against cancer. Partnered with Relay for Life of SecondLife we join them on ACS Island to ensure that EVERY VOICE MATTERS. Learn more about the local, national and global impact our voices have. Become a part of the solution.

ACS Cancer Survivors Network
A cancer survivor is defined as being from the moment someone is told “you have cancer”.The ACS Cancer Survivors Network group is open to recently diagnosed, current patients and those who are in remission/ recovery. This peer to peer group is available for support, comfort, information and much more for this unique community within Second Life.

ACS Cancer Caregivers Network
We think of caregivers as unpaid loved ones who give the person with cancer physical and emotional care – spouses, partners, family members, close friends or virtual.
The ACS Cancer Caregivers Network group provides peer to peer support for cancer caregivers and offers classes & resources to help along the way us provide the best care for our loved ones.
To join or for more info, contact Sandie Loxingly or visit Hope Haven = TAXI

ACS Community
The Official ACS News group Join for news and updates!

BACK OFF: Bikers Against Cancer
BACK OFF stands for Bikers Against Cancer Killling Our Families and Friends. The primary mission is to create a coalition of clubs to maximize the fund raising abilities of the biker community in second life in participation with ACS’ Relay For Life. All MC’s are welcome to join.

Shine the Light of the Sun, on Cancer and burn it out of existence. To Relay for the Defeat of Cancer in all it’s forms. Support our members and their family who may have had or are currently suffering with cancer. Remember those who cancer has taken from us, not with sorrow, but with joy. To enjoy the life we have and cherish it, for you never know when it might be cut short. Party on!

End of Cycle for Sarcoma
End of Cycle for Sarcoma is a team of people working in Second Life to raise funds for the Ride for Roswell, a bike race to benefit the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.
Every single donation we take in goes directly to patient care and cancer research. No exceptions, no exclusions!
Thank you!

In Memory of our Angels
We have all been touched by the deaths of close friends or family by Cancer, in its many forms. This group has been formed to spread the word about many and diverse forms of cancer. Breast cancer is prevalent, in more forms than one, the most dangerous of which is Inflammatory Breast Cancer, of which in this group we have one survivor, however the task is to spread the word on all forms of cancer – and make people aware that they should check and be aware that it can rear its ugly head at any time.

Camping For A Cure
A group of friends getting together to fight back against cancer.

Strides Campaigns Volunteers
The American Cancer Society’s Strides Campaigns provide fundraising for research for better screenings & treatments, support programs in SL through Hope Haven, & RL support. Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women and 1 in 460 men. Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of death for women worldwide.
Conversation in this group should relate to Strides Campaigns in SL, including notices about your Strides Campaigns.

Friends Fighting Cancer
In 2007, Jez had a vision to bring a group of wonderful friends together to do what they could to fight one of the worst enemies we have…CANCER.This is our spirit, this is our mission.
Until there is a cure we RELAY!
Strong! Together!In 2009 we founded the amazing FANTASY FAIRE which has now become an RFL Mega Event
IM Elizabeth Tinsley for more info.

Pink Winged Warriors
If you Think Pink this is the group for you :)
My goal in SL is to bring global awareness of Breast Cancer. All are welcomed who have been touched by this disease and those who wish to advocate, please join me in the fight!!! The main focus of this group is to bring Peace, Hope & Love…

I have been walking in the Race For The Cure for 8 years now. The Komen Foundation is a wonderful organization that was started by a promise between two sisters…We can all make a difference!

Breast Cancer Awareness
The goal of this group is to increase the awareness of the epidemic of breast cancer and to support those whose lives have been touched by this disease of women and men. Out of 100,000 men, one of them will get breast cancer. Men are welcomed to the group either as patients or loved ones of women who have or had breast cancer. Available for support for any breast cancer patient or survivor, male or female.

Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer
“Every year thousands of women die from breast cancer, something absurd for our times, because breast cancer is curable! We must eliminate the fear and lack of information.” ” The main symptoms and signs of illness are hard painless lump in the breast, most discovered by the patient herself. Less common symptoms include pain, nipple discharge, erosion, retraction of the skin, itching, redness and axillary masses.” “Me and you can help! We are rational beings, capable of changing the world we live in.”

Breast Cancer Awareness, FOJ
Group Charter
Friends of Jenny work and create to increase awareness of Breast Cancer. All funds raised go to Breast Cancer UK.
Jenny died of Breast Cancer in june 2008 aged 28 years old……
Here’s looking at you kid

Prostate Cancer Support
Helping Men, thier familes and friends understand the diagnosis of prostate cancer and treatment options. Facilitated by the national nonprofit cancer support organization, Malecare. More information about preventing and curing cancer at Male Care

Prostate Cancer Research Foundation
Dedicated to raising awareness and research funds to end prostate cancer in our lifetime. Facilitated by the Malecare, a 501(c)3 national nonprofit cancer organization, Malecare. More information about preventing and curing cancer.

BoisHood Against Cancer
“BoisHood Against Cancer” is a BoisHood group dedicated to the fight against cancer.
Our charge is to make a difference in this world by bringing awareness and helping in the fight against cancer. Imagine a world without cancer. Imagine those you know and love who are suffering or even gone, winning that fight. It takes the support of all of us!
Together WE CAN make a difference! If you are called to this charge, please join!
Angela Rose

StandUp 2 Cancer
Stand up 2 cancer is a non-profit organization trying to organize all the anti-cancer funds and research into one group to help better understand the threat known as cancer
SU2C does not accept donations through SL please visit our website standup2cancer
to get involved or donate or just to learn more about us

MacMillan Cancer Support
Macmillan Cancer Support improves the lives of people affected by cancer. We provide practical, medical, emotional and financial support and push for better cancer care. Cancer affects us all. We can all help. We are Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan Cancer Support 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7UQ. Macmillan

Cancer Coop
This is a group that has been formed for people that are surviving cancer, caregivers/friends to people that have cancer or are intrested in helping with the fight against cancer.

Cancer fighters inc
This group is for cancer survivors And people who need advice just a friend to talk to , Or know someone who is living with cancer

SL Stands Up 2 Cancer
To maintain the integrity of the non profit organization Stand Up 2 Cancer, and keep all members informed of innovative things going on in the field of cancer research,

SL Cancer Research UK

To promote the work of CR-UK in any way possible and collect donations from within SL to benifit the Real World Community who are attacked by this hideous disease. Please visit our Community Center for more information.

SL’s Cancer Caregivers

SL’s Cancer Caregivers is a sister group of the ACS Cancer Survivors Network (formerly SL’s Cancer Survivors) and has been formed for all caregivers and supporters of those who are living with or have survived cancer in real life.

We want to develop a network of caregivers to help support each other and reach out to others.

Sundays at 6pm SL

This is the Notorious Few RELAY FOR LIFE cancer hit squad. This is drama free zone, this if for raising money and supporting cancer research. There are no enamies here, accept cancer…. Lets put a KOS on Cancer!

.:.ACS Makeover Magic.:.
Makeover Magic is inspired by the real life “Look Good, Feel Better” program which began in 1989 and is supported by the American Cancer Society. Its aim is to help cancer survivors to restore their appearance and self-image. We have adapted the program to our virtual world and expanded it to include caregivers. Their makeovers cover everything from new shapes, skins, eyes, hair, clothing, AO’s, and accessories. makeovermagicinsl

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
To help find cures for blood cancers

*** Cancer – Krebs***
♡ ** positive thinking, Healing soul! Cancer discussions to all who needs to talk about it, experiences share might help others! ♡ ** Positivität, Heilung der Seele! Krebs Diskussionen für alle die es brauchen darüber zum sprechen, Erfahrungen teilen, es könnte anderen helfen!

Gorean Cancer Support Network

To Support & enable those in our community fighting Cancer by offering support groups, Caring hearts and guides to resources both in Sl and Rl to empower all toward fighting for their survival with all of the knowlege expierence,strength and hope we have accumalated during our personal struggles to the best of our ability. To leave no Gorean feeling they face this battle alone! To Treat All with the Respect & dignity we ask for ourselves,

 -4- the FIGHT

#1 EVENT in SL ~ Oct 09 = 70k PPL & L$1.3M
Total Raised in 4 days : L$3.4M
” Will You GIVE HOPE to a CHILD?”
–National Childhood Cancer Foundation–
CureSearch unites the world’s largest childhood cancer research organization, the Children’s Oncology Group, and the National Childhood Cancer Foundation through our mission to cure childhood cancer.

Tax ID/EN # 954132414


This is a group for all of you who have been touched by cancer.
Do you have cancer and feel you have to deal with the illness alone?
Do someone you know have cancer?
Are you a cancersurvivor?
Did you lose someone because of cancer?
Do you struggle with sideeffects of cancertreatment?
Do you work with cancerpatients?
Are you worried because you think you can get cancer in the future?
If you in one way or another want to share experience or need someone to share your story with….JOIN THE GROUP

Unmasking A Cure

A group of musicians, artists and members of the Tiny Empires community in Second Life who have joined together to work to Unmask A Cure for cancer so others might see another day. For information contact Mary Teodosio, Team Captain. This is our 4th year as a team. I PROMISE, I PLEDGE, I AM THE ANSWER TO END CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME. JOIN THE JOURNEY.
TEAM #51

SL Sci-Fi Con

Second Life Sci-fi Convention 13
Friday May 14 – Monday May 24 2021(I know this has been and gone but the organization is still there)

Raising awareness for Cancer in support of American Cancer Society Relay For Life

Official Blog:scificonventionsl


Association for International Cancer Research Charity

Registered in Scotland, No 152991
Charity Number : SC022918
Phone : + 44 01334 477910
Fax : +44 01334 478667Twitter: @aicr

The Association for International Cancer Research funds cutting edge research into the causes of cancer. In the past 29 years, we have supported a large variety of projects in all corners of the world and in Second Life.Powered by CC Technology

Crusaders for Christ

We are Christians that support Relay For Life® in Second Life® RFL is the signature fundraising event of the American Cancer Society®

Cancer affects millions of people across the globe and many we know. By joining our team or making a donation, you will be a part of RFL to celebrate survivors, remember the people we’ve lost to cancer, and fight back against this terrible disease. This is real life, not role play.

Network of Strength

Breast cancer survivors, supporters and advocates — join us and help ensure no one faces breast cancer alone! [Official Network of Strength Group]

Team OD

Team OD has proudly raised money in the Relay For Life of SL to fight cancer since 2009! We use the power of music and love for those who have fought this horrible challenge to keep us rocking hard against cancer. SDMF

Bee-loved Brywnwyn

This group continues to exist in memory of our beloved Bee, Brywnwynn Llewellyn, who died October 25, 2010 after a courageous battle with cancer that metastisized to her brain and bones. She was a remarkable cancer researcher, professor of medicine and healer. Through her struggle, she developed cytokine therapy for brain cancer, experimenting on herself..

For the Hope Ring, for Relay for Life (RFL).

Brywnwynn, you are Beloved, you are our Bee and you are Loved.

BC Angels

Cancer is one disease that continues to escape man’s control. Some forms in particular can become deadly in a very short time. Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) is one of them, with symptoms that are different than other breast cancers, often escaping detection through mammograms, self-exam, or traditional medical detection tools, until already well underway.

Learn about IBC and help us spread the word.

Bikers and Blues for RFL

Not a Biker group. Relay for Life group open to all folks who want to help raise money for American Cancer Society to cure cancer whether you are a biker or not…or even if you don’t like the Blues…GOD FORBID!

“Campaign to Fight Breast Cancer”

“Every year thousands of women die from breast cancer, something absurd for our times, because breast cancer is curable! We must eliminate the fear and lack of information.”
” The main symptoms and signs of illness are hard painless lump in the breast, most discovered by the patient herself. Less common symptoms include pain, nipple discharge, erosion, retraction of the skin, itching, redness and axillary masses.”

“Me and you can help! We are rational beings, capable of changing the world we live in.”