History: Linden World



The Immaculate Conception Of LindenWorld.

On the 23rd October 2001 LindenWorld was conceived. (The Alpha Phase)Not open to the public initially. It was basically a shooter game to start with and as you can see in the image at the side of me the avatar was just made up of prims.

Every Av started with a gun, and you could get really nasty and throw grenades! You also had your own energy.

But grenades also had another use, they were used for terraforming. (Terraforming with grenades sounds pretty cool, I would like to try that out!)And they could also destruct items which then used to bounce up into the air a little every few seconds.

This is Linden World

You did of course just walk about as normal and fly, and you can see the options from that screenshot beside me.

It was rather crude but we are talking about 2 decades ago, so it was pretty cool and innovative for its time.

So in these early days just Linden Labs staff trialled LindenWorld, testing, splatting the bugs and getting it ready to open up to the public.

“Few people beyond the 15 Linden Lab staffers who helped create the simulation have ventured into it thus far. But that will soon change. The Linden Lab website is accepting applications from broadband-connected PC users who want to be among the first Early Creators to build up the “LindenWorld” standard test process, we’re actually combining testing with building the things that you’ll find in ‘LindenWorld,'” Rosedale says.


LindenWorld went through several phases in the run-up to becoming Second Life on June 23rd 2003. But LindenWorld was not forgotten about. On September 25th 2003, Governer Linden said that he wanted an amusement park named LindenWorld. The task of building it went to 38 resident creators.

The amusement park was opened up on October 13th 2003. It was a momentous ocassion, a large party gathered and the special guest was Phillip Linden.

The park was set out over the Coney and Luna sim. 

Loads of different rides, a ghost house,  carnival games and more, and a good time was had by all. 


I am going to leave it here now. 

I just wanted to highlight a few key points in this blog giving people an insight into SL’s roots, and if you want to know more then visit the links below.

I tried to find the amusement park but it doesn’t seem to be around any more. I would imagine it is archived somewhere. I will see what I can find out.