History: Random Short Facts

Random Short Facts

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The Linden Prize


Studio Wikitecture and Virtual Ability were the first winners of the wopping $10,000 prize.

This was the largest win in the virtual universe, ever!

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Teleport Of Old

TeleHub PAYG

Up until 2005 residents had to pay to teleport and they could only TP between regional TeleHubs.

It wasn’t ideal, the areas surrounding these TeleHubs got full of “Ad Farms”, yes, ad not ant! And there was a lot of lag!

With the number of times I TP on an average day I would soon go bankrupt!

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population growth

In October 2006 SL had 1 million residents, and just 2 months later that figure hit 2 million! That is pretty phenominal when you think about it!

Second Life Anche Chung


Virtual Millionaire

Anche Chung was declared the first virtual millionaire in 2006! This was based on the value of her land holdings!

Now that is pretty crazy when you think about it!

Pic by Yandex Zen

LInden Bears

Linden Bears

Beary Cute

A  long-standing tradition in SL has been for  each Linden to create a bear that reflects their personality.

Some are hard to obtain for some reason but you can pick the others up for free

The Cornfield!

The Corn Field!

Naughty Banned Avatars!

Were once sent to the cornfield when they logged in! they could have no interaction with anyone else!