Animals In SL: Havenhurst Sanctuary

Havenhurst Sanctuary


I spent a bit of time at Havenhurst Sanctuary

“Home to the beautiful animals in SL. Come enjoy the land and interact with these lovely creatures. Big cats, wolves, foxes, and more! Relaxation, Scenery, Waterfalls, Cuddles, Nature, Wildlife. Family, Wildlife, Breedables, WK Kajaera, Sales, Store.”


It was pleasant to look around the sanctuary, it has a nice tranquil atmosphere and was rather relaxing. 

There’s mostly big cats and a few smaller animals that seem quite friendly.

There are food stations so you can feed the critters. 

As for the shop it just seemed to be a Gacha, it didn’t appear to be working though. 

There are various areas that are good for taking photos using the props.

Some of the animals are breedables. 

It is a nice day out for all the family.