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Maitreya Ellie Dress(Fat Pack)-
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Second Life Object Creation Demo – Philip Rosedale
The Christmas Winter Full Perm Fair
Second Life Pic of the Day 11.24.2021
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Second Life Pic of the Day 11.23.2021
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Second Life Pic of the Day 11.22.2021
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Second Life Pic of the Day 08.25.2021

The Usual Suspects by Cynical Cloud is today's Second Life pic of the day.

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No one can resist a cute animal in real life or in Second Life.

I have lots of  cats and a German Shephard in SL and a cat in RL. 

Both reality and a virtual universe is a better place for having animals around.


What does your pet mean to you?

If you would like to be featured in my blog in connection to pets and SL then send me a notecard

inworld. Briefly tell me what your SL pet and if you wish you can also tell me what your RL pet means to

you with a pic of either just your virtual pet or you with your pet. State if you want your name included or not.

During lockdowns my cat was a godsend. I was virtually tied to the house during our first lockdown here in the UK

for around 4 months I think it was, seieng only the Asda driver and a shop assistant if I went to the shop, I went

days without seeing anyone and missed my family and friends so much. He was good company and I am

so grateful to have him around.


Click my name below to be taken to my profile inworld.

Carolyn Zapedzki