Save money on texture uploads

This is very useful for if you upload a lot of textures. Once you learn this trick then you will save a lot of lindens. It is ideal for if you make posters, upload a lot of textures for shop products, ideal for hud buttons as well.

I find it works better and easier with even numbers so I usually upload textures for two, four or six products. It is easier on the server as well for example if you upload six textures in one texture then on those six products only one texture needs to be rezzed.

Purchase my free pack from the marketplace, I have given you examples in groups of two, four and six. And I have provided you with the texture I used. Just look at the texture that I am giving you and look at how the textures are placed on each box and you will soon get the hang of it.

I will include this tutorial in with the marketplace product. I have also provided the photoshop styles that are used for if you want to use them and I have included the PSD to be downloaded as well that I used to make the shop buttons that you see on my examples. Feel free to use those buttons if you wish but I am more aiming this at you being able to make your own.

If you just upload the occasional texture here and there it’s not really worth your while doing this but as I said if you upload a lot of textures then it is really worth it and you save a lot of lindens. In a nutshell if you have got say four products to sell do not upload 4 different textures, just put those four textures onto one image.
Happy texturing and have fun spending the extra lindens!

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Photoshop Text Style Effect

A quick and easy photoshop style effect
Looks great on text